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Welcome to Las Cruces Youth Soccer Association!
Las Cruces Youth Soccer is the only youth soccer league in Las Cruces, NM, U.S.A. The league is dedicated to recreation and the development of the overall abilities of every player in a safe, positive environment without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, or economic status.
2020 Spring Season Team Registration
  • *ONLY FOR TEAMS Playing in Las Cruces this Spring*

    Only teams need to register here! If you are a coach and / or a player, please visit your club portal to register and pay. A List of Teams Registered so far is below...

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
Players Still Looking for Teams

Here is a link to the Players Needing Teams list - 011420...

Please help us keep this list updated by letting us know when players get picked up off the waiting list!

Important Dates / Future Deadlines
  • Friday, January 24: LCYS Spring 2020 Team Registration Deadline
    All teams wishing to play in the association for the spring 2020 season will need to be registered at by this date in order to be scheduled. Links will be posted soon.
    All players and coaches will need to re-register as well in their club portal (not lascrucessoccer.nmysalive) before games begin.You MUST register at the club portal in which you are playing or coaching. These links will also be posted soon.
  • Thursday, February 6: LCYS BoD Meeting, 7pm
  • Fri, Feb 7: LCYS Organ Mountain Cup Deadline
    Link is here.
  • Sat, Feb 15 - Sun, Feb 16: 3v3 Live!
  • Fri, Feb 28 - Sun, Mar 1: LCYS Organ Mountain Cup
  • Thursday, March 5: LCYS BoD Meeting, 7pm
  • Saturday, March 7: LCYS Season Begins
  • Mon, Mar 23 - Fri, Mar 29, 2020: Office Closed
  • Saturday, March 28: No League Games (Spring Break)
  • Thursday, April 2: LCYS BoD Meeting, 7pm
  • Saturday, May 2: Last Weekend of Scheduled Games
  • Thursday, May 7: LCYS BoD Meeting, 7pm
  • Saturday, May 9: Make Up Weekend
  • Fri, May 15 - Sun, May 17: LCYS City Cup
Spring 2020 List of Teams to be Scheduled: (ONLY 50 TEAMS SO FAR)
1/17/2020 - 12 p.m.
Team Name Contact Name Age Gender
Cheetahs 16 Mark Ellis Jr. U-04 Male
Gila Monsters 16 Jeff pfeifer U-04 Male
LC Arsenal CJ Vasquez U-04 Male
Lil' Kleatz Sara Samaniego U-04 Male
Sharks Brandon coppedge U-04 Male
CFC Lady Fierce Gena Gomez U-05 Female
Cookiemonsters Shannon Florez U-05 Female
Cruces Hedgehogs Stephen Pacheco U-05 Male
Juventus Mini Angela Frausto U-05 Male
Lil Hedgehogs Stephen Pacheco U-05 Male
Mighty Blaze Jennifer Blazer U-05 Male
Terror FC 15 G Javier Flores U-05 Female
Avengers Ryan Nanez U-06 Male
CFC Lady Tumbleweeds Sonya U-06 Female
Little Miss Chile Peppers Roxanne Chepsongol U-06 Female
SFC 2014 Araceli Rauch U-06 Male
Terror FC 14 Javier Flores U-06 Male
Wolfpack Katie Gurule U-06 Male
Falcons Amy Johnskn U-07 Male
Gators Krystal Parks U-07 Male
Gila Monsters 13 Jeff pfeifer U-07 Male
Honeybadgers Ana Borrell U-07 Male
LC Traviesos Eric Moreno U-07 Male
Mighty Blaze Jennifer Blazer U-07 Male
Zoomi FC Abram Sanchez or Vickie Madrid U-07 Male
Kangaroos Gwenael Chiffoleau U-08 Male
LC Timbers 12 BRANDON COPPEDGE U-08 Male
Roadrunners Kent Thurston U-08 Female
Terror FC 12 Javier Flores U-08 Male
Fireflies Katie Gurule U-09 Female
FireHawks Joe Castaneda U-09 Female
Infinity Rene Molina U-09 Male
LC Timbers 11 Eloy O Jimenez U-09 Male
Sharp Shooters FC Eric Blum U-09 Male
WSC Fierce Benito Roybal U-09 Female
Alamo United 10 Rosendo Lugo Jr. U-10 Male
Broncos Justin Urbina U-11 Male
Juventus 09 Miguel Barraza U-11 Male
LC Galaxy 09 Denise Fernandez U-11 Male
DFC Devils Monica Bustamantes U-12 Male
DFC Heat Wave Rodney Rogers U-12 Male
Grizzlies Darryl Carpenter U-12 Male
LC Timbers 08 Red Eloy O Jimenez U-12 Male
07 Locos JC Garzon U-13 Male
Las Cruces Rhinos Monica U-14 Female
LC Galaxy 06 Denise Fernandez U-14 Male
Rhinos Ignacio Hernandez U-15 Male
Spiders David Himelright U-15 Male
Coyotes Michelle Smith U-16 Male

Address / Hours / Contact Info

Las Cruces Youth Soccer
121 Wyatt Drive, Suite 16 (off of El Paseo and Main)
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Phone: (575) 523-0261
Fax: (575) 680-2719

  • Mon - Fri: 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Sat & Sun: Closed
  • We will also be glad to meet by appointment...

For general questions, please email
For Erik Tuchfarber, please email
For Gaby Velasco, please email
For Scheduling, please email Dreaux Plair at

City of Las Cruces Mosquito Hotline: 541-2547.