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Welcome to Las Cruces Youth Soccer Association!

Las Cruces Youth Soccer is the only youth soccer league in Las Cruces, NM, U.S.A. The league is dedicated to recreation and the development of the overall abilities of every player in a safe, positive environment without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, or economic status.


Fall 2021 Schedules

Posted here:
LCYSA Fall 2021 Schedules


LCYSA administrators, coaches, players, parents and all spectators are NOT ALLOWED to park inside the fence south of Field #5.

That parking is for LCPS Game Staff Parking ONLY. Please see image to the left.

Participants in 4U-5U-6U-7U & 8U, MUST use Picacho Avenue or Bruins Lane to get to Motel Boulevard and the Field of Dreams Football Stadium.  

Parking for Tashiro Fields remains on the east side of the football stadium.  

The ONLY way to access the parking lot is from 
Motel turning east on Tashiro and using the first gate past the stadium to the east side parking lot.

Maps of Field Locations can be found here:

Fall 2021 News

Each 4U through 8U needs to have a photo roster for their team. If you were not emailed this roster or did not pick it up from the office, this likely means that you still have coaches and/or players that have not yet registered. Please contact the office, if you still need a photo roster.

Each 4U through 8U team also needs to have a Game Manager. Game Managers are used for all our recreational division games because the emphasis at these age groups should be about player development not winning games. Game Managers should be someone other than the Head Coach. If the Game Manager is the Head Coach, the team must have an Assistant Coach to sit on the sideline with the bench.

All 9U and older teams need to have a roster for each game and a passcard for each coach and player. If you have not been emailed that these were ready to pick up from the office yet, this likely means that you still have coaches and/or players that have not yet registered. You will need to make copies of your roster for each game. Rosters must have the player's number on it next the their name. The cards must be individually laminated, have a hole punched in the top corner with all cards placed on a keyring in the order that they appear on the roster. Please contact the office, if you still need a roster and/or passcards.

New Mexico Youth Soccer and Las Cruces Youth Soccer will continue to follow all New Mexico Public Health Orders and COVID Safe Practices available at In general, you do not need to wear a mask in outdoor settings. In areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases, consider wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated. More information can be found at

Many of you probably received an email from NMYSA about our referee shortage. This is 100% affecting us locally. Please know now that there will be games in the 9U and older age groups that do not have a full crew of referees for each game. There are many reasons for the referee shortage but the most likely one is that no one wants to be yelled at by players, coaches and spectators. As a coach, you must understand that our league is about developing players and developing referees to increase growth in our game. Focusing on individual game results is extremely short sighted and yelling at referees during matches only encourages your players and your fans to do the same. If you are a coach who does enjoy yelling at referees, LCYSA would like to challenge you to try being a referee for just one season. If you have any questions about being a local referee, please contact our referee scheduler, Dreaux Plair, at

Lastly, we were informed today by City Parks & Rec that LCYSA is unable to process any Field Rentals of any kind for this Fall 2021 season including all scrimmages and practices on any game fields. If you would like to rent a field for a scrimmage or a game, please visit the City of Las Cruces Parks & Rec office, call them, visit their website or email Renee Armijo at


Fall 2021 Calendar

Saturday, September 18 - Games Began
Sunday, September 26 - Roster Freeze (For Transfers Only)
Saturday, November 13 - Last Weekend for Games


Tournament Director Needed

As the city begins to loosen the COVID restrictions, LCYSA would like to start putting on tournaments again. We are currently looking for a Tournament Director to help with the coordination of these tournaments. Please contact the LCYSA office if you are interested or would like more information.

LCYSA Sanctions

Tier 1 Sanction

This tier of sanctioning is defined as a sending-off offense that is not deemed to be violent or represents continued misconduct. It includes the following send-off offenses;

  1. Second Caution in a match - (2CT)
  2. Denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity - Foul (DOGSO-F)
  3. Denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity - Handling (DOGSO-H)

Tier 2 Sanction

This tier of sanctioning is defined as a sending-off offense that has or may have caused injury to a player or opponent. This includes the following send-off offense;

  1. Serious Foul Play - (SFP)

Tier 3 Sanction

This tier of sanctioning is defined as a sending-off offense that is violent in nature or deliberately unsporting. This includes the following send-off offenses;

  1. Abusive Language (AL) - this includes racist, sexist, homophobic and vulgar language/gestures.
  2. Violent Conduct (VC)
  3. Spitting at or Biting someone (SB)
  4. Leaving the technical area during an altercation/mass confrontation (LTA) - includes leaving the technical area to enter the field of play to confront an official or entering an opponent's technical area to confront an opponent.

Tier 4 Sanction

This tier of sanctioning is defined as receiving multiple sending-off offenses in a seasonal year.

  1. Receiving more than one red card in a seasonal year will result in a hearing with a LCYSA Disciplinary Committee.

LCYSA Disciplinary Tables

LCYSA Red Card Suspension Table



Abusive Language (AL)


Violent Conduct (VC)


Spitting/Biting (SB)


Leaving Technical Area (LTA)


Serious Foul Play (SFP)


Second Caution (2CT)


DOGSO - Foul (DGF)


DOGSO - Handling (DGH)


LCYSA Yellow Card Accumulation Table








Receiving multiple yellow cards for dissent throughout the season will result in a hearing with a LCYSA disciplinary committee which could lead to a sanction (e.g., letter, fine).

Receiving a second caution in a match which results in a red card, will only count as one yellow card toward the yellow card accumulation count.