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Welcome to Las Cruces Youth Soccer Association!
Las Cruces Youth Soccer is the only youth soccer league in Las Cruces, NM, U.S.A. The league is dedicated to recreation and the development of the overall abilities of every player in a safe, positive environment without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, or economic status.

LCYS News 5/25

As of 5/24/21, masks/face coverings are no longer required in city facilities (outdoor or indoor) if you are fully vaccinated. If you are NOT fully vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask while at city facilities. Please remember children ages 12 and below have not been selected for vaccination. Everyone is expected to operate under the honor system, meaning you as league officials will have to police your leagues, participants and spectators.
Thank you,
Rudy Trevino
Park Operations District Manager/Parks & Recreation/Parks
Direct: 575-541-2578Main: 575-541-2512,

What this means for Las Cruces Youth Soccer…

Referees, coaches, spectators and players over the age of 12 that have been fully vaccinated now have the option of wearing a mask.

U12 players & younger MUST STILL WEAR A MASK in order to participate.

We still need to have 6 feet spacing of team members and spectator groups.

We still need to refrain from pre- and post-game handshakes. This is NOT to be viewed as unsporting nor should any team try to call out another team for this as has previously happened.

We still need to refrain from lingering around the fields or the parking lots.
All coaches, players, spectators and referees - Please continue to use the QR codes for contact tracing!
There are No Pets Allowed at the soccer fields.
The office will be closed Memorial Day, Monday, May 31.
For all games at the Tashiro fields (U4 through U8), we will be moving Saturday, June 5 contests to Sunday, June 6 to be played at the same time on the same fields just a day later. This is due to LCPS high school baseball and a track meet going on that day. If you don't want to or can't play Sunday, June 6, please follow regular reschedule policies by contacting the other coach to agree on a new date/time and emailing the scheduler ( this information. Here is the link to that form: Game Reschedule Form
Lastly, Head Coach contact information (phone and email only) will be published with in the schedule section and can be accessed by clicking on the team.

LCYS News 5/17


Field Maps:
Field maps, with Entrance and Exit gates are posted HERE.
***U4-U8*** We do not have an Entrance/Exit gate map for Tashiro fields from the City of Las Cruces Parks & Rec. Also, please be aware that in order to access the Tashiro fields, YOU MUST ENTER FROM MOTEL BLVD and enter the west side gate for the Field of Dreams Football Stadium. Vehicles may then proceed around the north end of the stadium to access the east side parking lot.

No Player/Coach Passcards This Season:
To lessen the number of items being passed back and forth and ONLY for this extremely quickly put together season, we will not be using PassCards (coach or player) this season. All teams will use Photo Rosters to check in with the officials.

Spectator Update!:
Below is an email just received by Las Cruces Youth Soccer Association that will allow 75 spectators per team per game! We really really really need to make sure that we all follow the 6' social distancing and face covering portion of our return to play!
All sections/areas below still require 6' social distancing from family groups and mask use by participants and face coverings or masks by spectators.
Bleachers/ Stands: 75% capacity (capacity counts towards standing room totals)
Soccer Fields (standing room): 75 spectators per team, 150 spectators total
Event/Game Maximum Spectator attendance: 150 spectators (current State of NM mass gathering limit)
All spectators will be monitored by league compliance manager at each facility.
Franco Granillo
Parks Administrator/Parks & Recreation
Direct: 541 - 2586 | Main: 541 - 2550 |
Thank you to all those that called and emailed City of Las Cruces Parks & Rec and our local government offices to perpetuate this change. Please also you make sure to call or email them and thank them for changing this policy!

Team Soccer Balls:
Soccer balls for every team are available at the office for pickup. Each team receives two soccer balls. We are also selling size 3 & 4 balls with our old logo for $5 each.

Registration Spring 2021


Here is the list of Players Needing a Team (updated 6/10/21).
Please let the office know to remove players off of this list as they are placed on teams.

Each coach and player will need to register into their respective clubs and each club has its own registration portal. The registration fee is $23 and that is only for individual registration coverage. Please use Fall 2020 registration and if you registered sometime after 8/1/20, you are already registered for the seasonal year Fall 2020 / Spring 2021. There is no reason to register again. All players must register in their correct gender and birth year. There is no place to select a team. The office will create the teams and add the players using the roster submitted by the coach. Coaches MUST register in the age group/gender they are coaching. U10B will not work for U09G. Coaches of multiple teams must also register for each team and each gender/age group. Here are the web addresses for each club:

High Noon Soccer Club -

BallHawgs Soccer Club -

Cruces Futbol Club -

Las Cruces Timbers -

Striker Futbol Club -

Warsawa Soccer Club -

There will also be a team fee associated with Spring 2021. Due to Covid-19, this fee cannot be rolled into the online registration at this time so we will have to collect a separate fee like we used to do to cover costs for scheduling, field usage and referees.

U4 through U8 - $150

U9 & U10 - $450

U11 & U12 - $600

U13+ - $675

U13+ 7v7 - $525

More Requirements for Spring 2021

COVID-19 testing is required for all coaches on a monthly basis unless they have completed their vaccination. Free testing is available at various locations throughout the state or online at Home tests are permitted or you can go to a doctors office. The Las Cruces sites are below are here:

All athletes and parents/guardians must sign the COVID-19 Code of Conduct prior to participating in sports activities. For those newly registered players, the Code of Conduct may be integrated as an electronic legal agreement when registering.
Familiarize yourself with the NM COVID Safe Practices for Youth Sports, NMAA Guidelines and the NMYSA PLAY ON Protocols.

Only league play is permitted. Teams from outside of a 50-mile radius will not be allowed to participate.

There will be no tournaments scheduled at this time.

No concessions will be permitted at the fields.

No handshakes before or after games.

No gatherings or lingering after games. City security will monitor parking lots to make sure spectators are not lingering.

Clubs & Teams must maintain attendance/screening records of all participants for each training session/game.
Please use the QR Code or Link so the league can track Coach/Player Contact Tracing for all practices and games.

Please use the QR Code or Link so the league can track Spectators at games once allowed.

If coaches, players and administrators are not comfortable beginning soccer games/trainings, it is important they understand that they should not! No one should feel pressured or pressure others into activity.

Positive COVID tests need to be reported to City of Las Cruces Parks & Rec immediately if the individual has been at the fields during the time they may have been infected. That individual will be on a 10-day suspension from attending a city facility. If multiple positive tests from the same team, the team will be on a 10-day suspension. If the individuals who test positive are able to produce a negative COVID test before the 10-day period is up, they can return to play.



Important LCYSA Forms

Team Information Form

Team Schedule Conflict Form

LCYSA Game Reschedule Form

LCYSA Field Rental Form