Las Cruces Youth Soccer Association

Schedule Policies

The rules and policies on this page govern LCYS activities related to soccer field usage and games scheduling. The page also provides information for teams travelling out of our district to play games that are not part of a sanctioned tournament.

These rules and policies are result of laws and rules mandated to us by the rules, policies and laws of the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico Youth Soccer Assocation, and United States Youth Soccer Association. Many deal with insurance and liabilities of all parties involved and it is essential that every LCYS team strictly follows the policies below.

All use of the High Noon, Burn or PVD soccer complexes by a LCYS team for a soccer related activity, such as games among teams or soccer camps, requires approval by the LCYS board. Every game to be played at these complexes has to be scheduled by the LCYS scheduler. Please note that team practices on these complexes are forbidden.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Inclement Weather Policy

Posted on Dec 17, 2009
• All scheduled games will be played regardless of rain, snow or wind unless notified by the City of Las Cruces or LCYS directly.
• The guideline for lightning is "Hear it (thunder) or see it (lightning), flee it." That is, play will be stopped for 30 minutes.
• If play is unable to resume and the game has not started or was stopped in the first half, the game will be rescheduled.
• If one half of play was completed, the game will be considered official and final.
• In the event of weather, the referee also has the discretion to cancel the game assigned to him or her.

Rescheduling / Cancelling Game Policy

Schedule Changes

Clarified on Sep 6, 2007 and Feb 25, 2013 ( 8 days -> 5 business days change)
• The last day to request a postponement of a scheduled game is 3 days prior to the originally scheduled date.
o For example, the last day to postpone a Saturday's game is the previous Wednesday.
• Postponed game may be rescheduled later as described below.
• Requests for rescheduling games must be submitted by the team's official 5 business days prior the proposed date of the new rescheduled game.
o For example, the Monday Sept. 20th is the last day to request rescheduling of a game to be played on Saturday Sept. 25th.
• There will be no rescheduling nor postponement of LCYS games 3 or less days prior to the originally scheduled date. All you can do at this point is to cancel the game - see Cancellations below.
• Before the request is made to the LCYS office or scheduler, the team requesting the change needs to suggest a new date and time plus it also needs to contact the other team and make sure that the new date/time does not create another conflict for the opponent
• Each schedule change (= postponement or rescheduling) request needs to be made to the LCYS office or by email to scheduler. Each rescheduling request has to be accompanied by $10 rescheduling fee. The fee must be paid to the office at the same time as the request is made.
• U4-U8 Specifics - changed during the Sep 2012 BOD meeting, U7 instead of U6 starting in FA16, U8 instead of U7 in SP17
o Requests for rescheduling U4-U8 games must be submitted by the team's official 3 business days prior the proposed date of the new rescheduled game.
o There is no rescheduling fee for U4-U8 schedule changes


Clarified on Sep 6, 2007
In case that your team cannot make a game and fails to postpone or reschedule it (see above) 3 days or prior to the originally scheduled date, you still need to notify the LCYS scheduler and LCYS office about it no later than the day prior to the game.
Termination fee of $20 has to be paid for to LCYS in such a case,
the game will be forfeited and
it will not be rescheduled.
All no-shows will be fined by $40.
Teams will be placed in bad standing unless they rectify these termination and no-show fees within 1 week of the originally scheduled game date.

Scheduling Extra Games Policy

Clarified on May 2, 2008 and Feb 25, 2013. Fee changed on Dec 13, 2010. Deadline changed on Feb 25, 2013, non LCYSA coach's info clarified on Feb 6 2018.
Requests for fields for extra games have to
1. be made at least 3 business days prior the date of the game.
2. be made to the LCYS office or to the scheduler
3. contain date, time, and desired field size (U6 / U8 / U10 / U12 / full size)
4. contain full name ( club, age group, Boys/Girls, and name) of both teams for each game
5. include a $15.00 LCYS administrative fee payable at the LCYS office 4 business days prior to the game at latest.
6. if the opponent is not LCYS team then include coach's name, phone number, and email address
Not providing all information from above will result in automatic denial of the request! The league scheduler will schedule or deny the requested game and inform the teams and the league office by e-mail no later than 3 business days after receiving the request.
Please note, that the LCYS does not provide referees for these games and encourages teams to schedule a certified referee through the Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association (LCSRA's web site is at
Note: HN fields are shared with adult leagues and currently we have only 1 field with lights (HN-1) for all LCYS and adult games. An agreement of their usage between LCYS and Mesilla Valley Soccer League (MVSL) for the Spring 18 season tries to prevent any conflicts in the fields assignment. It has:

Mon : LCYS
Tue : till 7pm LCYS; 7pm MVSL
Wed : LCYS
Thu : MVSL
Fri : MVSL
Sat : LCYS
Sun : MVSL

Rules Governing Play with Teams from the surrounding areas (El Paso, Alamogordo)

Sep 6, 2007 - Effective Immediately, updated on Sep 9, 2009
Las Cruces Youth Soccer Association teams traveling to El Paso for scrimmages are required to notify NMYSA of their intent to travel.
(The same is also true when travelling anywhere outside of NM for scrimmages or tournaments). You need to use the e-travel system available at NMYSA web site. You also need to take your current pass cards with you.
El Paso teams traveling to Las Cruces to play must follow STYSA rules (last time chacked they needed to notify STYSA of their intent to travel, although formal travel papers were not required). When coming to the games in Las Cruces, the El Paso teams must bring their current pass cards and an approved roster stamped and signed by their league registrar. It is the responsibility of the LCYSL coach to inform the El Paso coach of these requirements.
For questions and clarification contact NMYSA: phone (800) 976-2245 (toll-free outside of Albuquerque), FAX (505) 830-2247 or via e-mail

International Play

Las Cruces Youth Soccer Association does not have the authority to sanction international play. LCYS teams wanting to travel to Mexico to play must follow all NMYSA and US Youth Soccer rules. Individual LCYS teams cannot host international teams and must also follow all NMYSA and US Youth Soccer rules governing sanction for international teams wishing to play in the United States.